Women from all walks of life can suffer from vaginal issues. These issues may come as a result of childbirth, age, menopause, or an assortment of other conditions. While it can be an uncomfortable subject to bring up, FemiLift is an easy and effective treatment for women to turn to.  Advances in technology have made it possible to quickly treat vaginal issues that negatively affect quality of life.

Over time, our bodies change, inside and out…including our vaginas.  Age, childbirth, menopause, or surgery, can result in loss of vaginal laxity or urinary incontinence (Have you noticed extra trips to the ladies’ room lately?). Sex may even become uncomfortable or less pleasurable…and no one should have to suffer with that!

So, it’s time to speak up, ladies!  It’s time to take control and reclaim your vaginal health. Age and childbirth don’t have to steal the vitality from your life.  In fact, you may find that you can actually enjoy the aging process…but let’s resolve those vaginal issues first.

Chances are you have heard of Vaginal Rejuvenation. Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery has been around for a while, but with that option, you experience the pain, anesthesia, and downtime associated with surgical procedures. We now have non-surgical methods available for Vaginal Rejuvenation that produce amazing results for women, restoring their quality of life.

FDA-approved FemiLift is a 5-10-minute outpatient, non-surgical resolution for feminine vaginal issues with no pain or downtime! Using an exclusive vaginal probe, FemiLift delivers laser energy safely to the vagina, promoting collagen production and remodeling. It tightens and strengthens the vagina, relieving feminine concern.

So, what exactly does FemiLift treat?  This remarkable procedure treats some of the most common health concerns among women, such as vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and recurring infections.

Ladies, there is no reason to stay silent any longer. Are you ready to improve your quality of life? To learn more about our FemiLift procedure and how it can help alleviate feminine concerns, please fill out the form on this page or call County Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc. at (636)680-1960 to schedule your consultation.